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Computer Arts Tutorials on Image Manipulation/Photo Montage

Computer Arts

1. Bring Graphic Accent to Texture Work


I like how the title conveys the meaning in the image. I like how her face has been manipulated to look very flawless.

2. Make Mural-Sized Images, Fast


I like the compositions used in this mural. The colours and shapes used are bright, yet the eyes of the audience fall on the faces in the image, which are not so bright.

3. Create a Cut and Sew Range


This image is put together with various cut outs from different omages, which is what I like about this image..It’s unique.

4. Take Your Artwork Cosmic


I like astronamy and the thought of ‘Out of This World’, which is why I find this image appealing. Also the colours and spherical shapes used together compliment the image.


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