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Movies That Have Inspired Me To Make My Film

These films that I have listed below consist of haunting and possession. The reason I have chosen them is because I think their very good and influence the atmosphere I wanted for my film.

Paranormal Activity (2007) – I really like the part where Katie get pulled out of bed and gets dragged acroos the landing (moving away from camera: isolation), makes it more believable.

Paranormal Entity (2009) – The part that makes this film believable is at the end when she’s floating in mid air being raped and scratch by the entity. I like the fact that the entity is a demon and is identified. The demon steal souls but it’s creepy that the demon rapes first and then steals souls. It fouls her first before claiming a defamed person’s soul.


The Exorcist (1973) -The scene that I find makes this film all the more real and scary is when she crawls down the stairs backwards. The directors cut of this movie is far more scary and I think it’s better than the normal one.

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose (2005) – The fact about this film, that makes it work, is that it starts off with us knowing that she is dead. It’s through the court case when the Priest is at trial and the story is told through him. I find it very engaging to watch as Emily speaks seven languages simultaneously because of the seven demons that have possessed her.

The Last Exorcism (2010) – This movie is a documentary and it’s filmed on the go to expose exorcism as a phony act to trick people into paying them. When they intrude into the house to find out where the girl is, they find her locked in her room talking to someone, they enter and she appears normal without anyone there with her and unexpectedly hearing noises the next time they run up to her room to find her on top of her wardrobe and this part is very creepy. What astounded me was how the demon that possessed her, tricked them into thinking that she is acting out this way, because she is not comfortable about telling her strict father, about her pregnancy (because they are a religious family). Yet later they find her and discover something they didn’t expect.


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