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Presenting Yourself 30/11/10

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWI0pQ87bnk

  • Clarity 2/5 – She communicated well verbally but lacked in body language which made me feel uncomfortable to watch or engage in what she’s asking us as the audience to do.
  • Drama 1/5 – she isn’t presenting very well AND SHE’S DOING THE REPS ALL WRONG!
  • Design 1/5 – she’s just holding a jumbell in one hand, standing very stiff, it would help if she didn’t blend in with her background, she could stand infront of a lighter background.
  • Flow 2/5 – looks very rehearsed, not enough energy and dry.
  • Substance 1/5 – rehearsed, same facial expression.

2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKv_s6WMc1U

  • Clarity 3/5 – She doesn’t want to move from her comfort zone. She speaking very well but no breaks in between!
  • Drama 5/5 – She’s stook on one spot and she looks so funny. she looks like a bobblehead that will smack you with her hands lol. WAY TOO MUCH HAND MOVEMENT!
  • Design 1/5 – she’s over doing it and not many visual presentation just her flinging her hands everywhere.
  • Flow 2/5 – Her flow looks very fake and too much hand movement looks like shes getting carried away.
  • Substance 2/5 – She’s got a good story but she fell flat because I can’t concentrate on listening to her while her arms are distracting me.


  • Clarity 1/5 – what was the point?
  • Drama 1/5 – He wasn’t really doing anything except change the messages on the cards, and he weren’t fast enough.
  • Design1/5 – Queue cards are good…if you can change them fast enough, but backgrounds were distracting.
  • Flow 1/5 – he worked those queue cards =P
  • Substance 1/5 – i didn’t understand it

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