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Crewing on Inonge’s Film

Due to the snow fall it was difficult for some of the crew members to come in to help Inonge film. The soonest we could film was on Monday 6th December. My role was to act in Inonge’s film, it was a short role where I walk into the room as Jade and Zoe would be fighting over the cookie. I would see the cookie and take it and walk off but on the set we decided to be a little ambitious. Given my size we thought I would be able to fit inside the fridge and have me jump out of it in the middle of the fight scene. Jade signaled me to come out of the fridge by hitting the door with the toy machete case as they were fighting. I then  jumped out of the fridge onto Jade, screaming at the same time as taking her down and stealing her machete, I then jumped over the work-top counter and scared Zoe away while I grabbed the cookie and ran out of the kitchen screaming. I thought it would be humorous if Jade got up gradually hanging on the work-top counter and saying “What the fuck was that?”, Zoe replying “I think its her times of the month”.


  • To be careful with props and wave it and not aim to attack.
  • Lots of retakes from different angles.
  • I had to squeeze into the fridge, my back often got wet because of how squashed I was backing up against the back of the fridge.
  • I had to stabilize the tripod by holding it while Mary was filming while positioning the camera on the table to attain a higher camera position.
  • I helped make lunch after the filming.

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