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Moodboards and Keyframes


A moodboard can be created using materials such as photographs, magazine cut outs, frames grabbed from films and mark making media.

Colour is very important because it should tell a story and be engaging and exciting. It should refer to the subject or theme it has been created for and express what the film maker wants the viewer to think about or feel when they view the moodboard.

Locations are very important as they will give the film depth and different scenarios matching different atmospheres that are to be realized in a film will keep the viewer engaged. If the same boring location is in every single shot of the film, the viewer would get bored and turn away from the film.

Casting is also a crucial part because the actors needs to represent the characters the film maker is trying to portray in the film. This is why auditions are important to search for the best one for the role. If the actor can’t act, a great story would fall flat.

I think brain storming or adding notes is very effective, as changes are always not possible due to the limited time. Adding notes that have inspirational comments will inspire the cast and crew to become better actors. Notes should be able to be added as a group rather than the director just being the only source for inspiration.


It is important to show the viewer what the film is about, so performing a wide shot of the scenario would tell the story clearer, this is called an establishing shot.

In a situation, a mid shot would be suffice because this would allow additional objects other than the actor to be seen.

Knocks on the door could be seen by a few lines instead of having to draw another frame.

Action keyframes are reversed in position.

The keyframes finish off with conclusion and pack shot.


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