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My 1 minute film

On Tuesday 30th November, Inonge and I booked out a camera, tripod and a small attachable light with Inonge’s card. As the shooting for my film was going to happen in Inonge’s flat and Inonge wanting to use the equipment after me, I thought it would be best to leave it in her room as she would use it the next day for her film.

Jade carried the tripod and Inonge and I took turns in carrying the camera to her flat.

As we got into the flat, due to Jade being able to stay for a limited amount of time, I decide that we should do the kitchen scene first because that is where I required her help; where as I did not require her help in the bedroom scene.

Jade, Zoe, Inonge and I set up the props, attaching wires to them with cello-tape, we wired the cabinet doors and they also helped me set up the equipment. I wanted the camera to maintain the same camera position, filming from a long shot throughout the entire film as if a haunting was being monitored. I decided that the appropriate position for the camera would be where the windows are because from that position, the cabinets and the door can be seen in the frame. Another advantage of this position was that we could sit on the floor, behind the worktop, operating the props and moving the cabinet doors.

After setting up the props, we practised a few times on how hard or gently we should pull on the wires. The most difficult part was that the wires kept snapping because a single thread was not strong enough to open the cabinet doors from a low position. I tripled the threading to make it stronger but during the filming one of the cabinet doors wires snapped, for which reason I had to borrow some thread from Inonge because we ran out of wire.

I filmed the part where Jade pushes the door open from outside, followed by her moving out of the way before the camera could capture her. We then got into position so that the camera could not see us. The four of us rattled the cabinet doors slightly before opening them one by one. This was to make it look like the entity is present and moving from one end of the kitchen to the other. After we opened the cabinet doors, we pulled out the dishes, mugs and glasses which fell on the floor and worktop and we operated the doors to hit each other before rapidly closing. Although I warned the crew that there is a health and safety hazard that we would be taking, they were okay to go ahead with it; and so we decided to pull on the wires gently to reduce the chances of the props falling on us. A disadvantage was that Jade got a cut on her legs, which was thankfully not that deep and I cleaned up the visible parts with a dust pan and then I vacuumed the area a few times making sure I cleaned the area well but we still informed the rest of Inonge’s flatmates that there may still be shards.

I carried the equipment to the landing of the flat and I told Inonge to open the kitchen door and 10 seconds later Jade opened the bedroom door, making it look like the entity came out of the kitchen and went into the bedroom.

I then took the equipment to the bedroom and after Jade left, I asked Zoe to get changed into her pyjamas while I threaded the duvet cover and Zoe’s pyjama pants. I adjusted the camera level but I wanted it to remain as a long shot. I positioned Zoe in a way that it would make it easier for her pants to be pulled upwards. I moved the chair to where the bottom of the bed was so that Inonge could sit behind it without being seen; she pulled the thread attached to the duvet making it look like the entity is taking the duvet off Zoe. I sat behind the shelves that Inonge’s keyboard was on and I pulled the thread on Zoe’s pyjama to give the impression that the entity is pulling up Zoe’s pants. That is when Zoe woke up suddenly, looking around and seeing the entity passed the camera position and back up against the wall behind her. I informed them that I wanted it to be done in one take to make it look realistic. Putting together certain parts from different retakes would not look real because although the footage is being filmed from one position, during retake’s the environment is changing due to duvet cover and zoe moving, which is the reason we did a few retakes to get it right.


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