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Future Shorts

Panique Au Village – Laurent de Neveu Chevel

This is a future shorts film that I found really humorous. I like how the little pony tortures the Indian and the Cowboy without getting caught.

!!! ‘Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass’

The video kind of relates to the title but the clips in the video are very random, yet it all glues together really well giving a party atmosphere and having fun bouncing to the bass.

A Good Marriage – Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King – Part 4

I like how the film starts with a happy beginning, giving an insight of the happy couple and how perfect their lives seem. Then things start to change and the wife starts to notice that her husband is changing gradually. She then discovers magazines that exploit bondage and torture, she seems disturbed by this but decides to keep quiet. She then finds an ID in her husbands shoe box and it was of the missing woman that might have been published in the newspapers. Not being able to deal with it very well, she’s in bed and feeling uncomefortable about the fact that he is stroking her face when she doesn’t know how to cope with the truth. It’s quite engaging, I like how the story mostly revolves around her because her character is most affected.


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