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500 word Film Analysis Exercise – TASK

500 word Film Analysis Exercise

Select a film, it could be one of your favourites, one you dislike, or the last one you have seen. As you only have 500 words you have to be selective about what you write.

One tip is to concentrate on one particular scene/sequence that you feel is important.

Try to use some of the words on the glossary sheet. Evaluate mise-en-scene, the lighting, the use of the camera, the characters, the point of view,  the pace of the action, the use of colour and tone, the transitions and the editing.

Now spend some time writing up your response in an ‘essay style’ and word-process the results. .Make sure your writing is as ‘polished’ as possible.

An excellent piece of writing will be to the point, well structured with a good use of English.

Ensure the following:-

  • Clear sentence structure
  • Appropriate paragraph structure
  • Correct punctuation
  • Appropriate vocabulary
  • Clear expressions, so that the reader can clearly understand what it is you are saying.
  • Make your response around 500 words (no more!)

It will also draw upon research. You may find out about the director, producer, cinematographer or the actors. When you use research it is very important to tell the reader of your work what sources you used.

This is called referencing or citing.In this college we use the Harvard System, there are leaflets in the library to show you how to do this. Basically you need to list your sources in a Bibliography and cite the author’s last name and date of publication in the text. e.g. (Buckland,1998) When mentioning a film you must  put the date it was made in brackets after the film. e.g. Jaws (1975)

You will complete this part of the exercise in your own time.

Hand this work into me next week.

You will get a mark out of 10, if you get 6 or below this indicates that you need academic support.

This wonderful team of tutors will be more than happy to help you manage and structure your written work and research.


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