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500 Word Film Analysis

The film I have chosen to analyse for this essay is Avatar (2009). It is an epic science fiction film written and directed by James Cameron. The scene that I will particularly focus on is the Na’vi choosing their Ikran. It casts two main actors, Sam Worthington (Jake Sully) and Zoe Saldana (Neytiri).

The reason I have chosen to analyse this film is because of the concept of life on another planet other than earth. The film focuses on scientists travelling to a planet called Pandora. They try to learn about the Na’vi, 10ft tall, blue-skinned, sapient humanoids, who choose to live in harmony with nature and worship a goddess called Eywa. The character Jake Sully has replaced his dead twin brother to operate the Avatar that was created with his DNA.

The scene I will analyse focuses on others from Neytiri’s tribe giving Sully the task to choose his Ikran (flying animal) and link with it. He slowly travels across the narrow path on the mountain with Neytiri behind. She begins to explain, that in order to choose the right Ikran, this is something he will feel inside and if the animal also chooses him, he must move as quickly as she has previously shown. Upon Sully asking how he will know if it has chosen him, she replies that the animal will try to kill him, resulting him murmuring “Outstanding!” hesitantly but with a very sarcastic expression.

Sully begins to unwind his rope, getting ready to catch an Ikran as he approaches the herd. He takes slow cautious steps towards the animal and is terrified at the same time as wanting to prove to the Na’vi, that he can also learn their way of life. At Sully’s approach the nearest Ikran’s fly away, the others climb further up the mountain. After many attempts to approach an Ikran, he gradually attempts to link with the one that has not tried to escape. It hisses at Sully in order to frighten him away, then turns to face him and begins to scream loudly. The camera angle changes from full body view to medium and gradually to a close up of Sully, who then hisses back at the Ikran like a serpent. The animal begins to retaliate creating the silent moment, where everybody realises that this is Sully’s chance to prove himself.

Sully and the Ikran tackle each other and he manages to bind the mouth of the creature shut before jumping on its back. After many attempts and struggle Sully manages to make ‘the halu’ (the mental link between the Na’vi and the animal). Neytiri then tells him that the first flight seals the bond. The animal flies down the mountain’s waterfall, struggling at first but eventually Sully learns how to tame his Ikran and fly with ease. The scene completes with Neytiri and himself flying through trees.


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