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I had no idea about The Skinner Box theory so the video Jake posted was very informative and I learnt a lot from the way the video is presented by cartoons and image. I like the explanation on how primary conditioners like our everyday needs have a limit after we reach satiation, so secondary reinforcers such as money or social approbation don’t have a satiation point which is a good way to get gamers/users engaged in a game even if it has passed their primary satiation limit. This is because game designers and developers have used reinforcements such as reward schedules so that even if a player has passed the point of fun they will carry on playing to gain experience and reward points. I like the part about how RPG elements are used to delay your realization of how awful the games are. I agree that the methods mentioned in the video should be used more often to get the user to engage in the games more. I love a good mental challenge. I believe that everybody should be honest in their work and use good methods rather than implementing techniques to trick people into thinking they like the game.

I also think that addiction to games is more common in individuals who are dependent on others for example like children or teenagers who depend on parents. I think this is because dependants don’t stress about paying the bills that allow them to use the consoles, whereas older people who have to pay the bills are less likely to be that addicted to games although there could be the odd few.

Games are a means of entertainment and entertainments are a form of pleasure that has always been used to entertain the audience to prevent boredom in life from not having anything to do. People sometimes cannot help the addiction they suffer because the thing that they’re addicted to might be something that they love or can’t do in real life. That does not mean that games should be banned because other things like alcohol aren’t banned though people die as alcoholics.

As a creative we would be fulfilling the responsibilities of our job just like all other jobs. If a person has an addictive personality that cannot be helped by others because everyone here and there have had an addiction to something somewhere in their lives; this is what game designers and developers are taking advantage of but individuals should realise when they are being taken advantage of and put an end to it. It’s like finding a weak spot and taking advantage of it, for example somebody within the sales industry would be promoting and encouraging impulse buying because even though the buyers won’t set out to buy whatever they see, yet they’d often give in to impulse buying and sales people take advantage of this and make a profit.


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