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Boy kills mother, shoots father after taking away Halo 3


I think it is ridiculous that people might be holding a game responsible for the actions of this deluded gamer. If a person is mentally unstable like this person, the game developers cannot be held responsible. If this person reached the extent where they would kill their own parents for a game instead of understanding the reason why their parents are saying no to a game then it’s ridiculously obvious that this individual is mentally unstable. Hospitals wouldn’t allow mentally unstable patients to play games that would encourage their unstable behaviour and if this individual has gone undiagnosed then that could also be the parents fault. Overall a game developer cannot be held responsible for the consumers’ actions. It would be like suing alcohols make because a consumer loved to drink it so much that it caused their death. RIDICULOUS!

Note: A health professional i.e. GP or doctor can carry out certain tests in order to ensure that the individual is mentally stable and fit for any type of game that could pose a threat or contains content that may be unsuitable for some people. Individuals who pass these tests could be issued a certificate to demonstrate an adequate level of mental fitness. This certificate or document could then be a mandatory requirement when purchasing any games of such a nature.


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