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Over the next few years, the inflation of hyper-real illusion will result in audiences so jaded that there will be a backlash against digital fantasy; viewers will want guarantees that they are seeing reality itself” (Romney, 1997, pp.222-3). While looking through the presentation I found it odd as well as Zoe that people would want to escape from reality itself to become part of a fabricated reality. I’m personally fascinated about such things as hyper-realities; I’ve always thought of technology evolving in the future so well that it could provide almost real life experiences. I would love to create a type of technology where you can link your mind with an extension of yourself created from your own DNA, like in Avatar (2009). It just seems a great way to experience things that our bodies limit us to. Regretfully the disadvantage of this would be that people could use these creations to commit crimes and get away with it. I would love to play games that give a real life experience rather than a fabricated experience, as long as it has ‘safety belts’. I suppose in some sense it can be dangerous because people that have a weak state of mind might not be able to differentiate the difference between the two realities; an example in Inception (2010) if a ‘seed’ has been planted from this fabricated experience then a person can change the way they think or it could affect their identities. I think that Inception (2010) portrays the negative and positive effects of something that feels as real as reality itself.

As a creative I would want to exceed the limit of what we already have to something much more extraordinary. I’d rather experience a fabricated reality of the game myself without the dangers, than sit in front of a box with a screen. I like the concept of gaming in a fabricated reality, not in ‘real-life’. In reality there are no second chances but there are several second chances in a fabricated reality if you should fail to complete a stage of the game. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, this cannot be helped, people just need to realize what they are getting themselves into and know their limits.


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