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Overview – Computer Games


This website is informative about when games began and the dates they became a huge entertainment source. Large teams of people are required in order to develop top of the range computer game titles? All these people are included in the market research and development so that the best possible ideas can be provided to create excellent games. It then goes on to explain the development (sketches, concepts, storyboarding, scripting etc) and the publishing. Talks about the risk of publishing a game, and eventually talks about career opportunities that are very competitive and a good knowledge of the industry is needed in order to survive in it and get on with it. It states that the first part publishers are Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Two Major developments impact gaming; the first is the internet and the emergence of online multi-player gaming through portal which can be accessed through PC’s and other portals such as Xbox Live. Player testing themselves against other players is a challenge because the players moves are unpredictable, making it a little more daring and exciting. The second factor is wireless platforms, where new generation of mobile phones and other hand held gaming devices can transmit interactive content – Games.


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