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Using Basic Animation in Maya


Another ehow video which I found very useful. In the beginning I planned to stick to making the models first for each of the exercises rather than figuring out how to make and animate one at a time. This was a well thoughtout plan for me because being new to Maya I decided to get familiar with modelling the objects first, this way I will repeat the common skills used in Maya and memorise them. I did exactly that, it helped a lot because I used the tutorials on the VLE as well as researched functions online. After modelling I researched on how to animate in Maya. This was quite simple, using the tutorials on the VLE I repeated my actions again with all videos and I figured out most of the functions on my own. I think this is the most complicated work I’ve experienced and I liked it a lot.

The man voicing this video shows a good use of the Graph Editor. The only place I saw it first was the VLE but seeing different people making use of it in different ways, it gave me an idea of how i could use the Graph Editor to enhance the functions of my animations.


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