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Using Pivot Points in Maya


I tried mimicing Matts pendulums because I couldn’t download them off the VLE for some reason, so I decided to make my own from scratch. I liked this experience even though I had to start from the beginning. This experience helped me get familiar with Maya more than I could by just animating the objects. Creating the objects gave me an insight on how to use the functions of Maya. It is totally different to any other software I’ve used.

So while I was creating the pendulums I saw that Matt had various layers and he renamed his polygon layers also. I didn’t understand why and I got confused as I didn’t know what pivot was. I figured it must have been something to so with why I couldn’t rotate the pendulums properly. I’ve learnt from this website that pivots can be moved and placed on where the user desires. This would give the user more control over how the objects will move.

As I mentioned above I didn’t know how to animate a pendulum. I decided I could try finding tutorials to help me but I wasn’t successful. However I came across this site http://www.cgtantra.com/forums/showthread.php?t=16164 and someone posted a step by steop written guide to a type of pendulum. I read through it and didn’t think it was the type of pendulum I need to make in Maya. Due to how much time I have I didn’t think it would be wise to try out something I don’t have a clue about.


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