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Images that influence the outfits for my concept

Steampunk cartoon illustration

Fantasy cartoon character

Steam Punk Underbust Corset


Steam Punk Clothing

Steam Punk Fashion

Steampunk Outfit

Steampunk Outfit

Steampunk Outfit

Grey and White Steam Punk Dress

and many more from http://brasky.org/steampunk-neo-victorian-inspired-outfits-costumes-women/

These are a few images I have found online that inspire my concept towards the steampunk brief. I am creating designs based upon these types of futuristic innvovations that were possibly envisioned by Victorians.

Colour Pallette

– Green

– Brass Brown

– Cream

– Silver

– Orange

– Blue

– Grey

– Black

Clothes and other

– Corsets

– Frilly/pleated border skirts

– Goggles

– Boots

– Knew high Socks

– Tattoos

– Jackets

– Tights

– Hats

– Belts

– Gloves


– Weapons (guns, exaggerated enormous knife-like swords etc)

– Watches

– Compassess


– Net

– Lace

– Leather

– Brass


– Victorian

– Futuristic

– Gothic

– Cyberpunk (partial influence)


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