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Photomontage Theme Inspiration


My choice of theme was Nature, the reason behind this is I feel that Nature is all around us and plays an integral part of the human life cycle yet a lot of people do not appreciate this.

Man Made Disasters

Disasters, particularly man-made disasters, affect nature in one aspect or another and this is where it ties in with the main theme. The illustration of the effect that disasters have on nature should cause one to ponder the issue. As a result, some of my photomontages feature man-made disasters such as air pollution, littering on seashores and underwater oil spills. A recent example of oil spillage on a large scale is now commonly known as the ‘BP spill’ and is the largest oil spill ever to be recorded.

The effect of this spill had a massive effect on ocean habitat, both offshore and onshore and harmed the life of birds and fish. (Source: http://www.nytimes.com)

Many of these catastrophic events could be prevented and are often caused by the negligence of man. The purpose of my photomontages are therefore to illustrate the beauty of nature and emphasize on the harm being caused.


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