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More on Man-made disasters

Industrial Disaster – Bhopal, India

Another example is the gas leak devastation that occurred on 2nd December 1984 in Bhopal, India. The leak of hazardous gas and other chemicals from a pesticide plant resulted in the exposure of hundreds of thousands of people. Along with the human casualties, this also had an effect on the environment as the toxic waste around the plant had contaminated the soil and groundwater. The water used by the locals in that area was tested and the results showed that it contained nearly 1,000 times the World Health Organization’s recommended maximum amount of pollutants known to cause cancer and liver damage.

Several convictions and sanctions have been made against the company that owned the plant at the time. (Source: bbc.co.uk/news)


Waste and Landfill sites – A contribution to nature’s destruction

Disposal of waste at these allocated sites exist in several locations around the world. Guiyu is China’s biggest site for electronic waste and also reported to be the world’s second-most polluted place due to the hazardous methods used for recycling metals and also because of the pollution from the waste itself.


Striking images like the one above is evidence that more needs to be done in terms of authorities placing more pressure on corporations to fulfill their commitment towards ethical manufacturing and recycling and to promote more sustainable and durable products. Also, similarly laws and regulations should be in place for consumers to prevent dumping and fly-tipping as this creates more pollution.

(Source: huffingtonpost.com)


The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Known as the worlds biggest landfill, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is filled with pieces of plastic and is serverely harming the marine life

(Source: discovermagazine.com)


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