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Merchant Kitty Design

This was my first design concept for a Merchant from the brief. I wanted to go for a feisty look as well as keeping to the theme steam punk. The audience aimed at was 12+ so the characters had to be created to suit that age range. I think my character looks very cartoony and suits the age range. They colours match the theme, loose shirt under a corset I think was a perfect combination to give a Victorian style to the character. Corsets are a type of clothing are known to be worn by Victorian women to achieve the slim figure.

The next process was to create a front and back view of the characters clothing to get a rough idea of how the details will be placed and where.

The third process was to draw the designs on the templates provided and they are saved in Targa format to be uploaded to second life.

These are screen shots of the process of my Merchant outfit. But it will be used as a side character instead as Inonge’s character design will be used instead.


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