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Concept – Capsules

I originally suggested the capsule would be the time machine like a transporter from one part of the ship to another but Inonge suggested it should be placed in the engine room of the pirate ship. I think it is a good idea because it looks very machine-like. I have used 3 base colours for the palette, crimson, silver and brass because this palette is usually used in steampunk. I then experimented by switching colours of certain things around, I personally prefered the whole thing being one colour but I think for the fort the combination of colours would look cheerful.

It was a  shame that the capsules hadn’t been made to put in the ship because we were short on time as Charlie is absent. but I have take screen shots to demonstrate the process of me having a go at creating it in Second Life.


Due to short time the capsule wasn’t complete and will not be in the


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