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Individual Evaluation

In this module I decided that I will do concept art a lot more than anything else. Due to personal problems interfering in my studies I had to take some time out. I missed out on learning how to build in second life for which reason the building responsibility was thrust upon Inonge. I still contributed to making seemless textures for the fort and character designs which were not considered for the main characters. I had made sketches of Victorian clothing and research in books to gain an idea of how to draw and what to draw for the characters. Some of my concept were undermined. I think that because most of the resposibilty was given to Inonge she decided what would be considered and so I just developed my ideas from her ideas. The disadvantage was I could not contribute to the building though I wanted to because I did not know how to but I have experimented on the grid in Second Life. I tried creating the capsule I made that Inonge rejected due to short amount of time.


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