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Environment and Character Concept Ideas

Multi-genre game that inspires ne to create  multi-genre game. Genres including Horror, Action-Adventure, Fantasy.

PAGEMASTER – using magic, experience different genres, finding exit in every stage just like how the protagonist follows the exit sign in the film to travel through the genres of the library.

CRASH BASH – Complete different stages various times to collect gems, crystals and trophies to move on to the next level. Fun filled tasks, team work, is in 3D etc…

SUPER GHOULS ‘N GHOST – A medieval setting, complete levels to reach the kidnapped princess, upgraded armor can be obtained to power up weapons, the whole game needs to be repeated a second time to obtain the Goddess’ Bracelet which gives the beholder more power (this is the reason she was kidnapped).

KINGDOM HEARTS 1 & 2 – 3D, completing a level by collecting items and weapons from different stages, known Disney stories put together to help the protagonist of the game through NPC characters.

Game, Character and Environment Ideas:

  • The character will live and work in a tea house to earn a living.
  • The character will be a female that guards the gates to other worlds (Horror, Fantasy and Action-Adventure).
  • These worlds can be accessed through one room which the gatekeeper always keep locked.
  • You will only be allowed to enter these worlds only if the gatekeeper thinks your worthy of the journey ahead.
  • The gatekeeper will set you tasks and ask you to successfully complete them and bring items to her to  sell or mold to create new items.

At the moment these are just ideas of what the game I want to create will consist of. I want to create a Crash Bash stage selecting option and how in Kingdom Hearts you are allowed to select different worlds and yet come back to the main world called Twilight Town. I’m thinking of creating a room that has floating globes of worlds which look different in their own way due to the genres they will be created from.


  • Horror – grave stones, ghosts, skeletons, bats and melted candles – The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • Action-Adventure – sea, wale, boat, rafts, island (sand), trees, treasure chest and pirates – Pirates Of The Caribbean could be a good source of ideas.
  • Fantasy – fairies, butterflies, dragons, merlins hat, griffin – Merlin (tv series) which began broadcasting on 2008.

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