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Game Genres

I like the genres… Fantasy, Action-Adventure, Horror and Comedy. I think these genres will gel well together. The film Pagemaster (1994) is a good example of these genres. One by one the protagonist travels through the library on an action and comedy filled adventure and experiences the genres Horror, Adventure and Fantasy. I’ve always loved Pagemaster (1994) as a child and grown up loving how these genres were put together to create the film in a unique way rather than using one genre. Pagemaster video game was also created in conjunction of the film. The game consisted of magic being used, and stomping on enemies to kill them by jumping on their heads. Enemies include bats, flying books, giant hands, ghosts, pirates, and more. I think a game can be created with these genres like films are made. I have decided to create an action and comedy filled adventure game that lets the player use magic and lets them experience the genres Fantasy, Horror and Action individually in separate stages and mixed in a final stage.


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