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Tea House – research

Because my character will reside in a tea house I am doing some research on Japanese tea houses. I want to know what they will look like, what the structure will look like, the colours used, etc…

I have decided to place the tea house in the middle of a pond and create two rooms in the tea house. One room will be used for making and serving tea and the other room will be the gateway to other worlds.

Basic design  of the tea house I want to create…


  • Brown wooden structure of the tea house can be seen on the inside (timbers, house corners)
  • White sheets for the screens on doors and windows can also be seen on either side (exterior and interior).
  • Cream walls.
  • Brown wooden floors.


  • The tea house will be above a pond, a bridge will lead up to the tea house.
  • There will be plants around the pond and maybe a blossom tree.
  • Old-style Japanese thatched roof.
  • Brown wooden structure.
  • White walls.
  • White sheets for screens on windows and doors.

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