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Character Moodboards

Confused about what character I should create I did a lot of moodboards to help me come up with ideas. I thought moodboards would help influence my ideas and bring them to life.












































































Being a fan of Dante from Devil May Cry I wanted to create a character inspired by Dante’s character. I liked the idea of a tall male character with silky soft white hair, wearing a long coat, using a big and long sword, fighting with magnum guns, machine guns and surprise laser machine like. The whole concept made me want to create a male character that is inspired by Dante. Also the devil hand on the character makes him stand out, he looks cool and makes him look like he has an important purpose.


























Inspired by his hairstyle, humour, dance style and choreography, I wanted my character to be a dancer that looked like Dumbo from Poreotics. He seemed to be fun to create as well but it might be difficult to get him to move and dance fluently. I think if I did create him without the sunglasses I’d have to give him funny looking beady eyes :-D.

Geisha’s – Traditional:

























I have always loved learning more about the Japanese culture. I like Japanese clothing, manga, anime but I really like Geishas. The make up on a Geisha makes them look a little like snow white. They look like snow flakes with lipstick, make up and eyebrows shaped with coals. With beautiful accessories in her hair and a traditional japanese kimono she’s ready to perform in a tea house to entertain men. Bad side of being a Geisha is, she can only hope to have a daughter to carry out her legacy, if she were to be pregnant with a son, she’d either have to have him aborted or give him up for adoption. A Geisha cannot have a son or a husband because she has to devote her focus on men she entertains. So Im not too keen on making a geisha, although I’d want to use the clothes, accessories and/or make up.

Geisha – Memoirs Of A Geisha (Film):














































































In the Geisha society, women run everything; there are female Japanese entertainers, female tea house owners etc. In the film Memoirs Of A Geisha Chiyo becomes Sayuri after a naming ceremony for her next step in becoming a Geisha. Sayuri’s character is very inspirational and I definitely wanted to create a character that was influenced through the character of a Geisha.

Geisha – Other forms and styles:
















This moodboard depicts that you do not have to be a Geisha to wear the make up, clothes or have the hair style. Styles can be inspired from a Geisha’s appearance. I wanted the appearance of my character to be inspired through a Geisha styles.

Scene Hair:


















































I am a fan of Scene style and Scene hair. I love big hair that looks unlike normal hair. It could be coloured in different ways to give an unusual yet a beautiful appearance. I am definitely going to be using some of these images to help me create a different hairstyle for my character.


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