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Poreotics Inspired Character Ideas – Sketches And Development Of The Character

I decided to create a character before the environment but I could not decide on what type of character to create. I wanted to create something influenced by the Japanese culture but I changed my mind and decided to create a dancer. The dancer was inspired by a choreographer and dancer called Dumbo who is a part of a dance group called Poreotics. I like his style of dancing which involves popping, choreography and robotics, hence the name Poreotics. This is what I came up with.

On the right I have drawn the body but did not like the head, so on the left I drew the head again and I liked the new one. This is the process I went through to create the character.

Step 1: I drew the body, sun glasses and hair. To get the shape of an older male body I did some research and found 3D sculpted bodies as well as people doing T-poses. I used one as reference to get the shape of the body right. I used a couple of Dumbo’s photographs to draw the hair. Instead of blonde I thought I’d try purple for the dyed patch.

Step 2: I Outlined the clothes he will wear. I found t-shirts and jeans from local online shops to use as reference whilst adding details to the shape.

Step 3: I coloured in the clothes and used the burn tool to create lighting and shade to the jeans (a very handy tool). The t-shirt however I was not happy with. The shape of the t-shirt looked too nerdy and he looks like he has a lot going on around the stomach area, giving off the appearance of side fat so I decided to change the t-shirt from this…

Step 4: …to this… I also used the burn tool again to create shade and lighting on the t-shirt. I previously created shading for six packs, shading for the chest area and armpit area. I then placed this layer on top of the t-shirt layer and reduced the opacity to a minimum to give a hint of the shape his body has underneath. Shading, toning and lighting make the image pop and it makes the image look better and not flat.

Step 5: On a separate layer I coloured the glasses in dark grey. Selecting the burn tool and holding ALT at a low exposure with a brush as big as the glass, I gradually lightened the eye areas of the glasses but focused on the centre more. As the colour white cannot be tinted to make it darker or lighter, I could not shade the white colour on the shoes using the burn tool. Instead I replaced the white colour with a very light grey colour and lighted the top part of the shoes and darken the lower part of the shoes (soles) with the burn tool.

Step 6: After colouring the skin of the character, I used the same technique to give it shape. I darkened and lightened assuming where the light would hit and where the shadows will be created. I kept in mind that the light is shining from the front.

Step 7: I found that the skin seemed very dark and tanned so I reduced opacity of the layer and lightened the skin. It seemed easy due to the canvas being white.

In the past I have used different colours to create lighting and shadow. It used to be very hassling due to colour picking, reducing colour opacity, brush sizes, new layers, etc. Therefore the burn tool proved very useful whilst creating this character. A white canvas is useful as well because if the colour seems too dark and if the details do not want to be lost due to creating a new layer and starting over again, then the opacity of the layer can be reduced to give the layer a lighter effect – provided that the layer does not have anything underneath that will show through. Otherwise using the ALT+burn tool and keeping the brush at a size that will cover the entire object, clicking once at a time also helps to lighten the colour of the object.


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