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Workshops, Conferences and Festivals That Could Be Useful


I think the Bradford animation festival could be useful because they might do conferences on the process of an animation or games. I like to draw so maybe I could get a career that involves drawing the characters and concept art. I admit it is a very competitive industry to get into but I will have to attend these events, conferences and festivals to meet people and talk to them and get advice off of them.

  • Animex International Festival of Animation and Computer Games:
  1. Animex: http://animex.tees.ac.uk/tickets.cfm
  2. Animex Game: http://animex.tees.ac.uk/events_game.cfm

Additionally I found a site that lists festivals and their locations, dates of the festival don’t seem to be updated on this site tough, it is better to get the name of the festival and search for the festival itself on internet.:http://www.animation-festivals.com/guest/festivaldetails.php?festivalID=512
So far these are all that I’ve found on the festivals and conferences. Animation Festivals are very exciting I think. Usually they have a games sector incorporated because games after all is animation. I will be looking into careers that relate to Graphic Design and more towards Motion Posters because I like to design and manipulate images. Maybe film festivals will be best for Motion Graphics.

The Typography Workshop: http://www.thetypographyworkshop.com/#

Web Typography Workshop: http://gidsy.com/activities/4802/web-typography-workshop-for-designers


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