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Looking at spaceships for inspiration

To make the spaceships look out of this world I think there should be a shot out of this world. Maybe I can find a footage of the earth from outer space.

I just found this image of several spaceships that could help me create my spaceship. The Star Trek spaceships seems most interesting and stand out from the others. I could create a pendulum type of spaceship inspired by one or two of the above spaceships. Star Trek -United Federations of Planets – Earths Spacedock and Star Trek Nacene – Caretaker’s Array both look and stand out for me.

Skyline (2010) was a great movie in terms of alien experience and extraterrestrial beings. It was intense and quite scary in a sense because it gets you thinking “what if?”. The spaceships were aliens themselves and  it would be very difficult to create something like that because the structure and details look complicated and must have taken the animators and visual effects guys ages to complete. I might use smokey blue lights as a spaceship or the spaceship could b a beam of energy. I like that idea more, it could also be more effective because the unseen is what gets to the audience most.


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