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Character Sheet

Name: Sakura

Physical Description

·         Aged 17

·         5’ 1’ tall

·         Brown eyes

·         Pinkish pearl skin

·         Medium length crimson hair with blonde and black colour front fringe

·         Yellow flower on hair

·         Golden silk Kimono with golden embroidery and red stitching on long loose sleeves

·         Gold and red sash wrapped around chest and mid section (with a flower belt to hold together)

·         Green and purple obi with black dragon embroidery

·         Dark red Hakima on bottom with pocket openings showing thigh sides

·         White socks

·         Wooden sandals

Character Traits

·         High Priestess – due to pure blood

·         Has a keen eye for fashion or things that would look pretty

·         Adventurous

·         Knowledgeable

·         Kind and generous

·         Levitates

·         Has the power to absorb energy

·         Uses her power for good

·         Females of pure bloods train from a young age to become high priestesses

Character Background

Family Background

·         Father was a dojo and was killed when she was 2

·         Mother is still alive also a High Priestess – trains other potential priestesses and high priestesses


·         Trusting everyone until proven guilty

·         Sometimes she laugh’s so hard to balance the seriousness her job needs


·         Home schooled by mother and trained since the age of 2 to fight in combat and battles


·         She likes to be bubbly and humorous

·         But her seriousness is due to her job description


·         Picking flowers

·         Making flower chains

·         Painting

·         Shopping

·         Cooking

·         Training to keep fit and practice for unexpected combats as her life is unpredictable


·         When enemies flare up out of nowhere

·         Bossy people

·         People breaking her trust, betraying her and lying to her


What is their goal?

·         To protect the shrine she has been commanded by the elders to guard until the next generation is ready to take over her position

·         Dreams of finding love, getting married and having a house and family

·         Eventually to open up her own temple like her mother has where she can train other potentials

Their plan to achieve goal

·         Hopes that the destined chosen one that will need her power will come along soon so that she can help them complete their destiny so that she can live her dream soon


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