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Development of the Spaceship – In process

Today I have developed a few ideas about my spaceship. I’ve watched Lexx the Sci-fi series  and I really liked the series. I want to create my spaceship  inspired by the spaceship called Lexx. I prefer the insect look on spaceships as well as the metallic effect. Metallic effect could easily be achieved for an advanced species who know more about technologies than humans. I want to take a different approach and create a spaceship that looks more inspired by insects. There could be all sorts of species out there and might not need, use or are even aware of metal compounds.They might not have metal structures or even metal on their planet and could have found some on another planet and stole some to create the skeleton structure of the ship and the ship could have a mind of its own and be its own…(person) bug!

Yes so I’ve done dome practice designs which I don’t like and then I’ve come across Lexx and created like a mini Lexx’s sister. Looks good so far but I know I could tweak and improve it more. I will put up a few designs that I have done before my SPACEBUG!


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