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Images – For parts of my spaceship

At the moment I’m looking at insects to get ideas for parts of my spaceship. I really like this process, creating something as exciting as a spaceship. I’m having fun with the designs for the spaceship. So here are a few insects that I might refer to when creating the spaceship.

I might use the pincer’s or the head of a beetle to create the head of the tail.

The tail of a scorpion might be a good idea and the spaceship could sting the people that are running away. I have seen an parts of the footage and my classmate Cameron sort of tripped a little as he lost balance, so I could use that to my advantage and make it seem he got stung by the tail or something like that. I could curl the tail of the spaceship inwards like the scorpion

Jellyfish are a beauty but they also sting. I could use the jellyfish tentacles on parts of my spaceship.

Insects personally freak me out, especially wasps as I found a wasp in my hair one day. The tail of my spaceship could have a wasp sting at the end.


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