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Katy Perry – E.T.

Looking at this music video, Katy Perry transforms into different versions of alien. I really like the costumes and make up she wears. In the beginning she’s a purple alien which looks out of this world. Then she transforms into the fire queens and she looks fierce, hot and unforgiving. Then she transforms into the white queen and she looks like the fire queen but different colour and different make up making her look like a humanoid alien. The make of the white queen is fantastic, make up can go a long way and change a person to look almost like anything you want them to look like. In the end she transforms into the earth queen and she looks sexy and attractive. I think this is because she’s an alien that has transformed to something earth could relate to so that she could associate with the last human on earth. I feel that this video sends a different message to people but for this project I’m only analysing the make up and looking for possible ideas for my alien idea.


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