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Shoot On 18/01/12

The shoot on Wednesday was very exciting as I learnt a lot about working on a film set. This session was very informative in terms of setting up the crane, attaching this wire for the handle that will tilt the camera up and down, then setting up the camera and shooting during bad whether. If on the day of the shoot, the shoot was outside and if we cancelled due to bad whether then it would cost a lot of money. So good or bad whether the shoot has to be done on that day and we’d just have to pray for good whether!

Unlucky for us, during our shoot which was outside, the whether wasn’t very nice. It was very cold and after a while on the shoot I had little to no feeling in my feet.

The camera, when attached to it can go as low as the level of the floor and the height of its highest point is unreachable, making it more exciting to capture footage from that height. During one of the shots, a shot was taken from as high as the camera could get. This was because we wanted to create the effect of the view from the spaceship. Usually in ‘alien’ films when you see a view from the sky heading down and zooming into the lead actor as they looked passed the camera horrified because they’ve seen a spaceship, it becomes intense and really makes the audience think “Oh my gosh! He’s seen something! What is it?”, This captures the audiences attention and makes them engage with the film to see what happens next.

As most of the set roles were taken up, I didn’t mind being an extra in the film. I like acting and to pretend like I’ve seen something scary in the sky made it challenging but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Being scared and being in an alien invasion film. I did mention and contribute to what I thought would be good during shooting. I enjoyed it a lot and liked acting scared and running in the opposite direction screaming!! The shoot was a success and just waiting to see what happens next.

These are images from Bens Blog of the shoot:


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