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24/01/12 – Networking

Today we learnt that if there is a network within a network then incase a user loses data that they needed then it has most likely been tracked by others that were in the same network. This would mean the person retrace this data via other users of the same network.

As social networking sites like Facebook are popular amongst young people, the second year students of DFGA also have Facebook accounts. They have created a group called DFGA where they can upload work, comment on each others work and give feedback. This can also be called a network within a network.

I have subscribed to a lot of new film, games and animation magazines and will soon right about the ones that interest me. I did however come across a site called Motionographer and this interests me because I like working in post production and hope that I may find a career in it or something similar. As I would have liked to be a Graphic Designer, I feel that an interest in post production might be a mix of Graphic Design skills and the skills I have gained in Digital Film, Games and Animation. A lot of people I’ve met say that you should be good at just the one thing then you can perfect that skill. I think that you should have a variety of skills and intertwine them to produce different products/media. I could however focus more on particular parts so that I don’t struggle with it but I could also have other skills that I can bring into my area of focus. I like a bit of mixture.


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  1. *Just do it! Networking is a skill and learning to network competently takes practice. The way to develop the skills is to go to networking events and jump right in.

    February 1, 2012 at 2:50 am

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