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Review of the Opening Credit – Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010)

From the title of the film it’s clear that the story of the film is based in Persia. The opening few scenes show the dessert and an evening sky with the sun setting in the horizon. This scene and the music in the background give the impression that the culture would most likely be Arabian-Middle Eastern. Sound is very important during the beginning of the film to depict what the film could be about. If the title did not include Persia in it, then the music in the beginning tells the audience that it is a film or the beginning of the film is based in a Middle Eastern country.

A map appears showing how big the country of Persia looks amongst other small countries. The narrator also emphasises this image by stating, “There once was an empire that stretched from the steps of China, to the shores of the Mediterranean. That Empire was Persia.” The narrator introduces the story with a prologue to establish the background of the protagonist. The narrator’s part also lasts until the story of the films reaches the present.

In the beginning of the film the story is told through the voice of a narrator, which is one media and the rest of the story in the film is expressed in a different media.

The film expresses the roles of the characters from the beginning and states the status of the characters too. This may give the audience an idea of what problems the characters will face in the film considering the status of the characters.

From the beginning the characters are religious in some sense as the King believes that though he has two sons, his family is not complete in the eyes of the Gods, until he adopts an orphan boy who shows a selfless act of courage. This is when Dastan the protagonist saves his friend from the soldiers by throwing an apple at them. The Gods also play a more active role in this religion. As we don’t see anyone portraying the Gods, the characters do speak of them as if they have somehow interacted with them.

The film then heads straight into the discussion of a war between two kingdoms. This portrays the strength, courage and a little arrogance of the Persian army and their royal family.

The actor portraying the protagonist at first I didn’t think he suited the part from the trailers but during the film I feel that He acted the part and really became Dastan. His dry humour and confidence in the character he portrayed made the character seem real. As Dastan is the youngest amongst his brothers, the carelessness and courage of the character really suited the actor.

The CGI effect in the film, when he jumps off a tower whilst holding onto a rope to swing in through the window, is very could. It didn’t feel like it was created with a computer software. The 3D camera that pans around the 3D model and faces him head first and shows his face made it look real.

There was good chemistry between the male (princess of the city invaded by the Persians) and female leads I think. Both of them are humorous amongst each other and betray each other, although when they reunite they have no choice but to support each other, in the end resulting them to fall in love.

I like that in the beginning they communicate in sarcasm and rebel against each other eventually falling in love. In the end when the sand of time is restored, time returns to how it was at the beginning of the story and only Dastan remembers what has happened. When he returns the dagger he stole from the princess, she looks as if somehow she believes he is sincere and knows about the dagger that controls time.

The film also diverges from the plot of the game but I still think the film was amazing. I hope that there will be a sequel to the film as time travel films are unpredictable making it more exciting for the viewer to watch.


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