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22/02/12 – After Effects Waveforms

We had a great tutorial by Annabeth today. Experimented with two different audio waveforms in After Effects called audio waveform and audio spectrum. I took a screen recording to demonstrate what I think is possible with these to effects. I like audio spectrum more because rather than being a spiky line the dots are vertical and extend by the sound of the audio. I also like that the hue can be adjusted with this effect to give a rainbow colour effect to the waves. I also went back into audio waveform and changed the display option from analog lines to analog dots. This makes the waveform unpredictable and more exciting. I prefer to use audio spectrum after this experiment. It would be very useful in the film project because I could insert this effect in the title sequence of the film. I think that it will give the alien abduction film an out of this world technology feel.

This is an audio waveform/spectrum tutorial on youtube. It shows how my experience of waveform experiment was not limited and I could do a lot more to manipulate waveforms.


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