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Cloverfield (2008) – Special Effects Review

Cloverfield is a horror film based on a gigantic monster that attacks New York city, USA.

I enjoyed the realistic first-person view and the whole film was depicted as found footage of a personal camera, obtained by the authorities. The shaky effect was the same used in Blair Witch Project which is different to the majority of films that are filmed in third person view.

It begins with some sounds of the monster and some disturbances and things gradually build up from there. The scene that gave a clear indication of what was to come was a big explosion and also when the head of the Statue of Liberty was severed and thrown onto the street.

I also liked how the director had kept the audience eager to get a full picture of what the monster actually looked like, revealing it eventually.

The scene where the US military are battling with the monster reminded me of Godzilla but with better visual effects.


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