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Alien Sketch, Concept and Colour Swatches

Here is a sketch I’ve done for my alien and then uploaded it to Photoshop for the concept art. I spent a lot of time on getting the colour scheme and design of my alien right more than the UFO. So in the future I would give bothe equal amount of time. So here is the rough sketch of my alien. I didn’t know what to do at first but in the end I just chose the flower alien.

Here is the Photoshop version below.

Below are  colour experiments and whether I should choose the darker evil looking face or lighter looking face.

Then I thought that the plant should have different colours on each so I designed a few more that are multi-coloured. I have ticked the ones that I think will e suitable to the nature of my alien. I didn’t want it to look sweet but more dark in character.

In the end I chose three. All blue petals with green stem, pink, purple and green petals with a brown stem and the gold, yellow and red petal with a gold stem. Basically the first three below.


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