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Alien Textures – Tests

These are just texts of the UV Maps to see if I’m on the right path of texture. Also I wanted to see if I could just place a large image on top of the UV map instead of having to individually do each petals.

The first texture is a bamboo texture. I placed it on top of the petals but it didn’t look quite right after I test applied the texture on the petals of the alien. The creases on the petals couldn’t be seen and the petals seemed to blend in together.

The second image that has the letters N and S on the petals, is because the petals though they were UV mapped right they still appears red on the UV Editor after I shaded the UV’s. I wanted to see if the letters flip on the model and after doing this test, the letters textured in the right direction so the UV map was fine.

The second image was just to see how the petal would look with one colour. It looked dull therefore in the actual textures that I created I toned the edges and creases.

The fourth image was just as experiment like the first image. Again all the petals blended in together and I didn’t like that.

The fifth image is before I UV mapped the stem of the plant. The texture projected on both sides of the stem because the UV was overlapping. I smoothed the stem too much and this caused difficulty in trying to UV map it. If I didn’t smooth the stem then the stem wouldn’t look good so it’s something that had to be done.


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