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UFO – Tests

These are tests for the ufo whilst I was trying to get the textures right.

The first Image I texture the tip of the UFO with letters to see if the red UV shade makes a difference in the texture. I did UV map it right but some of the UV map was red meaning I had overlapped something or it was inside out. But after testing it I saw that it textured fine. The letters were the right way around even after texturing it so the UV map was usable.

The second image – I was trying to recreated the texture of a jellyfish hood with had of the image I found. This was for the two eye shapes at the back of the UFO. It didn’t work…

The third, fourth, fifth and sixth images – were also for the eyes shapes. But the 5th and 6th image didn’t go well even though I changed the UV map. The 4th textured well so I changed the colour and made it blue according to the colour of the UFO.

The seventh image is the image of a jellyfish. I added luminosity to the actual image and I added a blue.green gradient on the layer underneath. This looked very good on the tail of the UFO. Like a jellyfish is swimming in the tail of the UFO.


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