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UFO – Turn Around, Concept and Textures

Here is the turn around for the UFO and then the concept art for it.

My initial Idea was to have the UFO made out of organic material and metal. Almost like LEXX the spaceship and elements of Guyver the film and anime series. My spaceship is meant to have the feel of a jellyfish and rusty metal at the same time. I’ve decided to discard the rusty metal feature and decided to keep it a sea like spaceship. The UFO shape is based around bee eyes and jellyfish tenticles. I have use various jellyfish images to create the texture of the spaceship. I’ve used bubble and reflection of water from the Mayang textures. I also used water droplets texture for the rings and the spikes of the UFO.  I had to change everything to a blue/turquoise colour to maintain the watery and organic effects. Below are the images I have used for the process of the concept art of the UFO.



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