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MR X Inc.


I was watching Twilight Breaking Dawn and in the end credits I noticed the company that did the visual effects and decided to do a little research on them. Mr X Inc. is the company that have produced the effects in many popular films such as Tron, The Three Musketeers, Resident Evil and Death Race to name a few. Their website has several videos that showcase their work. The show reel demonstrates what special effects have been added in films and where. Such effects like VFX Composite, CG: environment, actors, airplanes, thrones, rocket, smoke, explosion, crows, sunglasses, body parts etc.

It is inspiring to see how scenes are developed in stages and layers, as shown in the ‘Assault on Precinct 13’ scene. The video also clearly shows how CG can look realistic and VFX composites can make the scene appear as if it has been shot in such conditions; and effects like face replacements would not even be noticeable by the viewers. There are other video reels that are in the links above the show reel video. I like how the video reel ‘The Three Musketeers – Making Of’ shows the scenes that are made with the use of CG and VFX composites in the film.


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