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Post Production – Disappointment

A major disappointment in this module was I didn’t get enough time to create the best visual effects I in After Effects. Such a disappointment. I hate the fact that I did not give myself enough time for the visual effects. If I could I would have used Trapcode to turn Lauren into particals and suck her into the spaceship. Also another thing that I could have done is I could have found some sounds or created sounds for when Lauren is teleported but at least each time she was zapped I created some smokey blast effect using clips from Action Essentials 2. I didn’t get a chance to add the film title either but if I had done I would have shown off the skills I have in After Effects. I’m not satisfied with the outcome of the film but I suppose it will have to do as I needed to get the basics done. I have researched many films and tutorials for visual effects and would have definitely done something that would have looked much more convincing. I am terribly disappointed with it, however I am glad that I got it all done considering my unavoidable absence.


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