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Something is called simulacrum when it has a likeness or similarity to reality. It would be difficult to create a likeness of reality in simulacrum but not as difficult to create a reality that is pure simulacrum. Although if someone created a simulacrum of a time that has passed and presented it to a time that is present or in the future then this could also be called a simulacrum. However if the simulacrum of another time is presented to someone that is unaware of the culture the simulacrum has captured, then this would seem like pure simulacrum to the viewer of a different culture. This explains that culture effects the meaning of simulacrum.

It was too late but if it was possible to re-do the essay it would have been on simulacrum. I didn’t understand the purpose and meaning of simulacrum before that’s why I didn’t select this subject for the essay. Hyperreality is what I understood best but after several research’s simulacrum seems that it would have been a more interesting subject.


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