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Scorch London


Scorch London is a video production company that provides many service. They are the only production company in the UK to have a full-time in-house motion graphics department. The services that interest me most is the Motion Graphics Production & Animation and Video Production.

Motion Graphics Production

Produce everything from title sequences for film and TV, idents and stings for broadcast channels and simple animated identities for web and corporate communication.

They seem to know what they’re doing  and they have the computer firepower to get the job done, quickly and effectively.

London’s leading motion graphics companies.

Animation Company

Unlike other purely motion graphics companies, Scorch London are also a full-service animation company and provide animation within their company and not just basic animation; they provide hi-end 3D animation suitable for Tv commercials, promos and web applications.

They can also design animated characters to demonstrate products and for films.

Happy to take full control of animation project, including:

  • initial product photography and measurements
  • character design
  • storyboarding
  • modelling
  • lighting
  • animating and rendering

Full-scale animation production or a simple logo animation, they can create it in style from photo-realistic, to quirky, cartoony animations.


Video Production

Usual video production companies offer services from producing and filming, to editing and grading. Scorch London is one of the best companies to provide an all round service and bring whatever the client needs to life. They work closely with the clients to provide full support, and create more opportunities  that the original thought, this will maximize the clients investment, leading to a good relationship between the company and possible a potential long term client.


It is important to be flexible and versatile as a company to provide almost every service a client needs for a video production company and animation, this way the client would not go looking elsewhere. Another important factor to remember that every client is different so the service should be tailored to the clients needs and requirements, so that they are paying for what they need. Also the thing to keep in mind is that you should be well experienced in every service you provide because usually when a company offers multiple skills, the skills are basic and not at their full potential. When opening a company, the company can hire individuals with good experience for every service they provide. A company can give a good rounded support if the individuals are well experienced in individual services.

I have designed and created cartoony animations and my interest in this style has grown a lot. Although I have a major interest in this area of style, I would also like to brush up on my skills of creating realistic animations e.g. CGI.

I am extremely interested in working on motion graphics mixed with animation in the future. I love to design and then create a 3d animated character. It has become a newly inspired interest and I wish to continue pursuing this interest whilst building my career.

A career that involves image manipulation interests me a lot because I prefer to work with Photoshop and After Effects. Designing, motion graphics, animation, video production, all involve the idea of manipulating images or the final piece to look like something fictional and realistic.

I can imagine myself working on briefs that ask me to create animated characters, title sequences, motion graphics. Doing so makes me feel good about the fact that I am bringing someone else’s ideas and thoughts to life. That type of work has a feel good factor and interests me a lot which makes me want to pursue this type of career further.


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