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The context of module allowed me to identify a brief that relates directly to my personal interests on the Digital Film, Games and Animation course. I was allowed the use of live/competition/self directed project briefs to pursue an area of interest (specialism).

Although I am in interested in all three cores of this course, I have decided to challenge myself wioth something that I find difficult to do and that is visual effects. In the first year of my course I created a film with real visual effects, which turned out good because the editing later was done in Final Cut Pro to cause camera shake and tuning out. I have never created computerized visual fx for a film before and this is why I have decided to create a music video to broaden and challenge my skills in After Effects. I am familiar with After Effects but haven’t used it much as I would like to. I really do like the idea of creating visual fx to make unreal effects look realistic. I guess experience and practice would only help me gain skills in After Effects. In the next blog for Negotiated Study I will upload my Statement of Intent Proforma.


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