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Chosen Piece of Music & Video Ideas

I have chosen the song that I want to work with and think that it will be good in terms of the graphical video I have in mind for it. The name of the song I have chosen is Into Yellow and it’s by a small artist called Effie. I think she is talented and has the potential to go far but my main reason for choosing this song is because of the beat and melody would go with the video composition that I want to put together.

The song as I said has a good beat and the melody is sweet for which reason the type of effect I want to add to the video will be equally as good. The artist herself looks like she’s from the streets trying to make it big. This is why I want to go for greyish colours that contrast well with the font of the lyrics because I want to go for a grafitti typography theme. I also want to focus on the title and add emphasis on the word yellow because it is repeated that often in the chorus.


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