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Statement of Intent Proforma

1.  Name:
Music Video

2. Your Proposal for Study – 
eg. Self Set Brief, Live / Competition Brief, Area of Research?

For the brief – Required to take a piece of music and produce an abstract music video. It would help to include elements such as narrative, animations, motion graphics, visual effects, typography etc.

3. Deliverables – What will you produce by the end of the module ?
Irrespective of what you choose please give some details, for example: 
A 2 minute short film. 
x2 Game characters from concept to realisation in 3d 
A one minute 3D animation.
A fly though of a fully rendered architectural space. 
An investigation of a piece of technology or software exploration – the outcome being a case study/comparison of the pros and cons it it, or identifying the potential for future projects.
Where possible also try to give some technical details.

Finished music video should be presented in HD and Quicktime h264.

4. Are there any stakeholders in your project? 
(eg. working with external organisations or individuals?) Is this a group project? If this is a group project what will your roles and responsibilities be within the group.


5. Please List any Resources / Equipment you may require.

Equipment and resources:
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects
Maya 2012

6. How will the project(s) support the development of your focus/area of personal investigation as you move into level 6?

I want to focus on post production, motion graphics and animation.
Due to my last film module not going as expected, the visual effects were not satisfactory as I had planned it to be, so this time I will provide myself with enough time to create effects for the music video.
I want to involve graphic design in this module and work with image manipulation (similar to post production).
Animation can get involved with almost everything and that’s why I want to include it in the video.
I also like concept art and will design some concept art.
I want to mix together animation and image manipulation and this brief will allow me to achieve this.

7. Please List any Relevant Research Opportunities 
(eg, Festivals, Work Shadowing, Industry Talks)


Bibliography for Independent Practice 
( eg. Books , Periodicals, Magazines, Online Journals, Papers, Films, DVD extras – etc ) 
– Please use Harvard Referencing.

Magazines (Not yet specified which edition/print:
Computer Arts, Future Publishing

Digit, IDG Publishing

CineFX, CineFX Publishing

Digital Arts, IDG Publishing

3D World, Future Publishing

ImagineFX, Future Publishing

Imagine (Animation)

Creative Review

American Cinematographer,

Broadcast Magazine, EMAP

Andrew Kramer (2012) Video Copilot [online], http://www.videocopilot.net/ (Accessed 10 April 2012)

Creative Cow (2012) Creative Communities Of The World [online], http://www.creativecow.net/ (Accessed 10 April 2012)

Envato (2012) AE Tuts Plus [online], http://ae.tutsplus.com/ (Accessed 10 April 2012)

Envato (2012) PSD Tuts Plus [online], http://psd.tutsplus.com/ (Accessed 10 April 2012)

DN Documentary.net (2012) International Documentary Network [online], http://documentary.net/ (Accessed 10 April 2012)

WordPress (2012) VFX Junkie [online], http://vfxjunkie.wordpress.com/category/vfx-events/ (Accessed 15 April 2012)


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