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Graffiti Music Videos

These music videos are amazing because I like graffiti and dancing. I think the beats of the music, the art in the video and the mixture of the black and white footage’s make the video blend in with real life. I think using real life footage and then visual effects creates a different feel and drama than what a real life footage without visual effects will look like. I am inspired with this type of work and would have definitely liked to add graffiti and this type of camera movement to my music video.



I wonder how the following video was made…maybe a 3D simulation of the laces…


BANKS seems to be really good at putting together graffiti and visual effects. The last video of the lace spelling out BANKS and the camera following the end of the lace as it moves is really clever. The viewer will just carry on watching without expecting some result in the end because it looks creative throughout the video. The bonus part is the ending when the random patterns are actually the lace spelling out BANKS.


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