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Andrew Thomas Huang – Music Videos

The amazing thing about these music videos are the fact that they are random in what they do and this makes them abstract. http://www.andrewthomashuang.com/MusicVideos.htm

The first videos is very colourful and I like the fact that as they move and whatever they touch they leave a trace of plant like forms growing. In the end the plants, grows around them and covers them. These plants include rainbow-like colours making the video very cheerful. I don’t like the song however.


I really like the absent feeling in this second music video (below). It’s again random at what is happening. The thing in common is that the people in the video are covered in white and there are strange abstract shapes growing on their bodies and moving around synchronizing with the music. I love the glass crystal/bubbles moving on one of the men’s back and the cube/square shapes moving and also scaling up and down to the beat as they move.


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